1 December 2011

When one door shuts and another one opens (14.11.2011)

I found out today that I won't be able to teach at my school for a lot longer. Which is something I knew when I first signed up for the job, but I always thought something else might come up and I get to stay a bit longer.

I absolutely loved teaching Art to those children. I needed the challenge and a change from being home with my children after 2 1/2 years. The moment I walked through the school gates I was Mrs. Petersen again, I got to catch up with colleges and I had another role outside our sweet home live. Sometimes I felt bad admitting it, but I loved starting to work again.

Minna and Finn started Day Care with a team of loving and caring teachers. They are both in the same group, which made it a lot easier for me to start taking them there in the first place. Finn took a little bit longer to settle in, but now both of them wave to me with a big smile on their face when I drop them of in the mornings. In the afternoons I can hear a loud happy squeal from the other end of the room the moment I walk in the Day Care Center. Minna comes running towards me and lets everyone know that she is being picked up. Finni soon joins in and starts walking over to me in his sweet waddle-walk.

I now hope to be able to sew, sew and sew once the Christmas holidays are over. I have so many ideas stuck inside my head waiting to be released. I would love to actually make something out of all those beautiful materials that I have been buying all these months. I honestly cannot wait to get started! I know this time would be a great opportunity to getting closer to my dream of making and creating things that I love : )

Happy days!

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