8 August 2012

Is this Australia, Mami!?

Oh Minna, you have been asking this question so many times now and it still puzzles you every time I say: Yes, we are : )

A whole month before we left Germany you wanted to know if this was the big day when we were going on the aeroplane to Australia, you asked every time we changed planes and now that we are here you still check with us when we jump in the car: Is this Australia too !?

Well, here are a few hints when you definitely know you are in Queensland:

When you get in the car and you realize the steering wheel is on the other side ...
When you don't need to watch the weather forecast any more, because every day seems to be blue sky and sunny  - HEAVENLY!! ...
When you talk about Dragons and Roosters in great detail over dinner ...
When a kilo of nuts costs 24 Australian dollars, one Dove deodorant (black silk) costs more than 5$and a maxi pack of 64 nappies costs 33$ when on special!!! - What is going on there? ...
When you have a BBQ breakfast with pouched eggs - Yum!! ...
When people smile at you and are happy to serve you in anywhere ...
When you go down to the beach on a winters day wearing a dress or less ...
When you have to check the bed and under the chair and in your shoe and basically everywhere you go for little critters - YUCK! ...
When you look at the night time sky and all the stars are out of order .. well, arranged a little differently - but still sparkly and beautiful ...
When you see more dead kangaroos on the side of the road than alive ones ...
When everyone calls you love, mate and possum - even if they don't know you ...
When nobody knows what "Quark" is and when they find it difficult to pronounce "Weihnachtsmann"

Well, I am sure you will realize quite soon that there are lost more differences between your old and your new home and that you will learn to love the beauty of both sides. I am so thankful for being able to share this experience with you. I hope you will equally grow some roots in this part of the world and that you will have many happy and long lasting memories of Australia in your heart.

With love,


3 August 2012

Long overdue

Dear Minna and Finn,

it's been far too long since my last post and in my head I have noted down so many things I wanted to share with you over the last 2 months! So much has happened since I last wrote to you: We have packed up your first love nest in boxes, went to see all your Grandmas and Grandpas, Great-grandpas and Great-grandmas, aunties and uncles and lots of small friends and big friends. It was an ongoing goodbye festival throughout those last few weeks. So many special moments!

Everything we left behind in my Dad's attic

you love to pick flowers and smell them

Berlin-Tegel Airport moments before take off

Now we are here - in Australia.

We arrived with 2 big suitcases, 2 small ones, 1 big backpack and 2 small ones, 1 double stroller and Mommy's handbag. It's amazing how little you really need when you have to be able to carry it all. (We didn't even have to pay an overweight fine at the airport.)

We have been trying to explain to you two what is about to happen, but of course it is difficult to fully understand. You knew, Minna, where we were going, but I think the huge distance that lies between your 2 homes is still a mystery to you.
my little thinker

It's still hard for me to believe that we actually moved from one continent to another. We have been preparing for this event for so long and now it has happened.

All we did was follow our hearts.

We have been in Gladstone for almost one week now. Even though I am very excited about this part of our life journey my heart is only now realizing what is going on and all over the place:

It's a little blue because I have left my home and family behind.
It's a little shaky because we totally left our comfort zone and let go of so many things!
It's a little judgemental even though I don't want it to be, but being surrounded by a different culture makes me question my own one a lot and at first I catch myself thinking: "Well, in Germany we don't that!" or "Back home we have this!" or "Where I come from we can simply buy it everywhere." 
It's also a little impatient and I wish someone could just tell me that everything will be alright and we will find jobs that we like - no worries! and the kids will be happy in their day care - of course!

Even though there have been a few little tears from my heart I still enjoy this whole upside-down feeling. It makes me feel alive and it reminds me that there is always something beautiful even in a sad and uncomfortable moment.

I want you two to remember that it is OK to feel all these things, but to focus on what is really important:
Being thankful, sharing love and trusting the future.

Stopover at Singapore Zoo

With lots of love,