2 March 2012

My rice experiment

In the end of January I ran a workshop at an international conference for teachers, which I called 'Positive thinking - positive teaching'. During my research for the workshop I came across an experiment that fascinated me and therefore I thought I should try this too.

Day 1 of my rice experiment

Day 1 of my rice experiment

I boiled rice and filled it in two jars and added some water so the rice was almost covered. Then I put a lid on and labeled my two jars. One with a simple and not so nice looking label YOU FOOL and the other one with a pretty label saying THANK YOU and WITH LOVE AND JOY.

All I had to do now was spend 2 min each day with each jar saying not so nice things to the YOU FOOL jar and lovely and sweet things to the THANK YOU jar. Well, I didn't really enjoy being nasty so I decided to ignore the jar instead and I placed it on top of our old oven next to some dusty boxes. Basically in a not so nice space. The other jar was allowed to live right on my bedside table next to all my treasures that I keep close to me. Almost every night I held it tight to my heart and thought lovely thoughts.

After about 2 weeks I could really start noticing a difference between the two jars. My YOU FOOL jar didn't look so fresh and appetizing anymore. It started to look dry and yucky. My nice jar on the other hand looked as fresh as ever. The water level even seemed higher than in the beginning.

Day 18 of my rice experiment
This image is not the best, but you can see the lump of rice in the YOU FOOL jar and a little bit of water in the THANK YOU jar.

After another 3 weeks of ignoring and cuddling the jars they now look like this:

Day 37 of my rice experiment

Day 37 of my rice experiment

When I first read about this experiment and saw the you tube videos I was somewhat skeptical, but after 5 weeks of doing it and seeing the change in the rice and the water I am amazed!

The guy who first tried it out is called Dr. Masaru Emoto. He experimented with rice and also with water crystals. The whole point behind his experiments is that our human bodies are made of 60% of water (kids have even more) and therefore we need to surround it with lots of positive energy in order to keep it in a happy and healthy shape. It also made me think about the impact it has on other people. Even if you think you are not being nasty - you are ONLY ignoring this person - it still makes a difference to how they feel and how they could benefit from getting some positive energy from you. Try it out and see for yourself : ))

Happy Friday!!!

XOX Janie

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  1. Janie! I've heard of this experiment before, but that you actually tried it!!?? And it worked! How amazing. I love this and love even more that your shared it with us here. Thank you :)