31 May 2012

Tooth Fairy coming early

Tomorrow is the 1st of June, which is Children's Day in Germany and normally that is suppose to be a special and happy day for every child. Well, I have to take you, little Minna, to the dentist to get your front tooth taken out, because you broke off a big chunk of it about a year ago while playing and running with another child. After a while the tooth died and your gum got infected, which is not good for your little body. I wish we wouldn't have to do this all together, but we just don't want to take a risk in harming you in the long run.

I told you in the car the other day while you were playing with your fairy wand that we would have to visit the dentist soon and that they will magically take you tooth out using a special dentist wand. You didn't think that you needed to go to the dentist to do that and you wondered why you simply couldn't take out your tooth with your own wand - yourself. I tried to explain to you that only dentists have a super special wand to do that trick! Luckily you went along with that and kept doing your magic wand noises in the back of the car.

We are going to the KIDSDOCS dentistry especially designed for children (http://www.kidsdocs.info/) in Berlin - Steglitz. The whole place is set up like an aeroplane and they thought of everything to make it look fun and engaging for children. They work with really friendly staff members, who will use very child friendly language when it comes to fixing a tooth. They told you that they will "wobble" your tooth out and that you will be drinking magic juice to make you feel really strong before the whole procedure. I am thinking I will need a big glass of that too ...

I know your smile will look just as cute as it always did and I know you will probably be just fine with your little gap, but it's so hard for me to imagine what will happen tomorrow. I so wish I had a wand now to make your infection go away ...

I love you my little princess!

XOX Mama


  1. Ich drücke meiner kleine Nichte ganz fest an mich. Ihr schafft das :-). Danach kommt ja ein Schulkindzahn...die sind doch sowieso viel cooler ;-). Dicker Power-Kraft-Kuss! :-*** <3

  2. Oh I hope everything goes well and the infection clears up in no time. KidsDocs sounds really great! To design the whole experience in this way is amazing and I admire that so much.

    Happy weekend :)