24 May 2012


Riding my bike home today I almost had to stop and catch my breath. My heart was racing and felt so overwhelmed and happy. It all made sense to me all of the sudden and I am so excited to get started!
I have been asking myself over and over again WHY do I want to blog and WHAT do I really want to blog about!?!

 I have been told several times that it should be something you are passionate about - I got that - but that was somewhat hard since I am passionate about so many things: photography, sewing, vintage clothes, art, traveling and my family of course.

Well, I was never quite sure what to say when people asked me: "So what do you blog about!?" I kept saying: "A bit of everything, but mainly about things that touch my heart in one way or another."

That part won't change, but the way I am going to address it will. Here is a little sneak preview, of what it might look like. I love these two adds and they touch my heart straight away.


I LOVE the thought of being able to create something similar ...

Change is a wonderful thing when it takes you closer to your dreams.

With happiness from Janie Xxx

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  1. AAHHH! These ads are so awesome. The Dear Sophie one almost made me cry!!

    Thanks for sharing :)