25 December 2011

Advent Calendar filled with LOVE - No 24

This is our love story spread over 24 days - a little bit of love each day : )

Das ist unsere Liebesgeschichte verteilt über 24 Tage - jeden Tag ein kleines Stückchen Liebe : )

November 2002

July 2011

Sometimes life takes you on unexpected paths and sometimes they change your life forever. I am so thankful for all the people we have met and the decissions we made along the way. It's been such a special time of the day writing about our story throughout the last 24 days (even though I have lost a fair few hours of sleep) and we truely have been skipping down memory lane.

We have so many exciting plans ahead of us! Our biggest one is to go to Australia for one year in July 2012. We cannot wait! It will also be our 10th anniversary back in Gladstone. We would have never imagined that THE night we met.

For now we wish you all a wonderful Christmas time and a great start of the new year! I hope Santa gave you that little special present that you have been wishing for! Keep dreaming and believing! Miracles do happen!!!

Ich werde so bald ich mich von der Weihnachtsgans erholt habe, alle Übersetzungen nachholen. Bis dahin wünsche ich euch ein glückliches Weihnachtsfest!!!

24 December 2011

Advent Calendar filled with LOVE - No 23

This is our love story spread over 24 days - a little bit of love each day : )

Das ist unsere Liebesgeschichte verteilt über 24 Tage - jeden Tag ein kleines Stückchen Liebe : ) 


From the day Finni was born Graeme took 3 months leave. We felt so lucky being able to take parenting time together. During those weeks I mainly looked after Finni and Graeme went on little daily adventures with Minna. Once I felt stronger again we all went out and about together. Graeme and Minna grew really close during that time. It was so much fun watching them build towers and read stories and cuddle up in front of the TV. By the end of the 3rd month we celebrated a very special Christmas holiday with Graeme's mom and brother. Even though they got stuck in London for 3 days on the way over (because of too much snow) and both of them lost their bags for the entire trip - we ended up having a wonderful time. The weather was like in a Christmas movie where it starts to snow on Christmas Eve. We had snow fights, made snow angels, drank mulled wine, had a barefoot race through the snow, walked over a frozen lake, pulled each other on the sled, drank more mulled wine and ate and ate delicious Christmas food.

In January 2011 Graeme had to go back to work and his Mom and brother back to Australia. I was home alone with Minna and Finn until the summer. It is save to say that it wasn't always easy for me. When one or both of them were sick I found it so hard to be there for them equally. I was so used to be there for Minna 100% and now I had to learn to split myself and still make sure that I looked after both of them. I was always so relieved when I heard the key in the door and I knew Graeme was home after a day of work to help me with the kids. Often it finally gave me a chance to go to the toilet, take a shower, bush my teeth and get out of my PJs...

In the summer we went back to Australia for 5 weeks so everyone could meet Finni. The kids loved the open space, the beautiful beach and obviously being with their Australian family. After the summer and with the start of the school year I went back to work and the kids started going to a sweet little day care center down the road from us. It wasn't easy for me leaving them with people I didn't really now. At first I felt bad for 'dropping them off', but it was so good for me to get out of the house after 2 1/2 years of being at home. I really enjoyed being able to talk to other grown-ups and I loved teaching art again.

Outing to the Berlin Zoo
December 2010

Christmas 2010

23 December 2011

Advent Calendar filled with LOVE - No 22

This is our love story spread over 24 days - a little bit of love each day : )

Das ist unsere Liebesgeschichte verteilt über 24 Tage - jeden Tag ein kleines Stückchen Liebe : ) 


Minna loves our little boat house just as much as we do!
Watching the world cup with Maxi in July 2010
Minna grew up so quickly and it was amazing watching her discover the world around her. We always said that it would be nice to have two children and after about 5 or 6 months we started thinking about our next little family member, who was just as hard to imagine as the first one. Graeme and I both have siblings, but there are at least 5, 10, 15 and more years apart from us and we thought it would be nice to have them close together so they can grow up side by side. We also liked the thought that they would always have each other even when our time has come to an end. It seems weird to think that but somewhere in my heart it feels really good.  

Maxi's pregnancy was somewhat different to Minna's. I didn't feel sick in the beginning, but nauseous if I didn't eat something right there and then. My belly popped straight away and it was so obvious right from the start that I was carrying a little someone. I ate for two especially ice cream. My feet were burning during hot summer days, which I never experienced with Minna. I totally didn't crawl around on the floor building sand castles during my first pregnancy. I was very happy not having to work and enjoying the luxury of sitting on the couch when I felt like it. I did start watching a fair bit of Bindi Erwin with Minna when I was too tired to do anything, which is still her most favorite DVD to watch. I only worried a tiny bit about the birth and the time ahead. This time I simply felt so much more relaxed and prepared. 

The contractions started at exactly the same time 1am, but I only had a little while to get myself ready. I took a shower, blow dried my hair and told Graeme not to worry about going to sleep. I rang my midwife at 2am and we met her at the hospital at 3:30am. This time I wanted a midwife who was going to be there for us throughout the whole pregnancy, the birth and the time after the baby was born. It made such a difference to how I felt walking into that labor ward. It only took 1h and 30min for Finn Felix to arrive. It was actually a really nice birth. Everything just happened the way it should. My mom and my sister came to join us again. Only this time I passed out in the bathroom right after the birth which is why we had to stay one night at the hospital. Minna came to met her brother and was totally amazed by the tiny person under the warm blanket. Sweet sweet memories!

Maxi had 6 hours left inside that big belly

Finn Felix born on the 19th of September at 4:53am on the same day at his great grandma who watched Minna at home that night
Special moments

Minna came to say hello the next day

Finni had a tiny fold over his right eye - like a little thinker.
Das mit den Übersetzung muss leider noch warten ...  tut mir total leid, aber es ist schon WIEDER kurz vor eins ... nachts ... da war doch was !?
Our first family shot at home - slightly more lively to our first night home with Minna.

22 December 2011

Advent Calendar filled with LOVE - No 21

This is our love story spread over 24 days - a little bit of love each day : )

Das ist unsere Liebesgeschichte verteilt über 24 Tage - jeden Tag ein kleines Stückchen Liebe : )


I think the meaning of the word patience transforms with the moment people start thinking about having children and once more when they are lucky enough to actually be parents. It seems like for us that we spent many years thinking when will be ready to be parents and when should we start trying to fall pregnant? Once you have reached that point you start waiting again for the exciting and anxious moment the little pee test shows the right symbol that you have wished for and once you have seen the doctor for the first time you have to wait another few weeks until you get to see your unborn child again on a little screen. Soon you start waiting for the first gentle movement, then the first scream, the first ever eye contact and warm cuddle and then you wait patiently for the moment the can lift their head for a few seconds, turn over without your help, hold a little toy with their own hands, start to crawl properly, say their first word and make little steps all by themselves. These are the moments when you feel proud and happy and thankful that you are able to see these little developments that you have been waiting for so patiently.

Then there are these other patient moments that not always so easy to take as a gift of parenthood: Waiting for the milk to come, waiting for the breastfeeding to become easier, waiting for the milk pump to finish pumping, waiting for the sweet little baby to fall asleep, waiting for the screaming to stop, hoping for the tooth to come through, waiting for a cold to pass, waiting for the potty training to pay off, waiting for the first week of being able to sleep through again, .... I am guessing that this list will probably never end just like the other one. It definitely is not easy to be patient and sometimes we are so close to giving up, but in the end it always seems worth it.

Die Übersetzung kommt noch!! 

Minna at about 6 weeks
one of my favorite photos of teeny tiny Minna

Our 2nd wedding anniversary back in the same hotel
checking out Mommy's glasses
Taking a splash in OUR lake
Minna about 5 months
Crawling through Australian grass at about 7 1/2 months
Leaning against her first snowman
This is probably our first family picture with Minna and Maxi

Advent Calendar filled with LOVE - No 20

This is our love story spread over 24 days - a little bit of love each day : )

Das ist unsere Liebesgeschichte verteilt über 24 Tage - jeden Tag ein kleines Stückchen Liebe : ) 


First time Minna looked into our eyes

The moment I will never forget was the first time Minna looked into our eyes. I was still holding her in my arms for the very first time and all of the sudden she moved her head to look at Graeme and then to look at me. I could not believe that this teeny tiny person was already so aware of what was going on. It was almost like she tried to say: "So you are my Daddy and you must be my Mommy!"

I gave birth naturally and without any medication. I wasn't sure if I was going to make that, but I really wanted to be able to connect to all those women who have given birth all these hundreds and thousands of years ago. I trusted my body to do the right thing and to make it through this life time experience. Graeme was right there beside me for the last 8 hours. I let him sleep the first 7 hours, because I knew he needed to help me through the tough part of the birth. At about 1am I got up and enjoyed my first light contractions while reading the birth chapter of my book that I should have read before hand. At about 9:00 am we walked across the road to the hospital with a few painful stops of not so light contractions anymore. An hour and a half later we were inside the labor ward and after 3 different midwives and a lot of different birthing positions Minna finally found her way out at about 3pm. I was exhausted, but I was beaming of happiness. That feeling didn't stop for about 3 or 4 days. My mom and my sister came to the hospital to meet Minna and after the first check up and a few stitches we went back across the road to our flat to start our lives being a Mom and a Dad.

Little May bells (Maiglöckchen)

Minna moments after she was born on the 12th of May 2009 at 14:58 o'clock  (2740g and 48cm).

All wrapped up and cozy on Daddy's arms
 Übersetzung kommt noch : )) Geduld ...

Our first evening together as a family

21 December 2011

Advent Calendar filled with LOVE - No 19

This is our love story spread over 24 days - a little bit of love each day : )

Das ist unsere Liebesgeschichte verteilt über 24 Tage - jeden Tag ein kleines Stückchen Liebe : ) 


One of our very few picture together with the belly
About 6 months pregnant and so proud of it!!

Moving to Berlin was such a new beginning for us. Starting work at a new school was exciting. Moving into an empty flat with only a small pile of boxes shipped over from England left us with a lot of space that wanted to be filled. Finding out that we are pregnant on top of all that took a while to sink in. I knew something was going on, because my body was sending me all these signals that a little person was building a tiny nest inside me. Then to actually see a heart beat on a screen and a little arm waving hello was overwhelming. We were so happy and excited about the news, but at the same time we were also wondering if this was the right time. Is there ever a good time? Are we truly ready to be parents?

We always wanted to have children and we didn't want to wait too long. I love the fact that my mom practically looks like my sister and that my grand parents are still full of life and energy. The hardest part for me was to tell school that I won't be able to work for a lot longer. I felt bad leaving the kids half way through the year and I really enjoyed teaching art. I was very thankful for the 3 big sinks in the art room, which I spent a lot of time standing next to throughout the first 3 months. Luckily I didn't ever have to use them ...

Once my belly got really big I was glad to stop working and to be at home sewing and painting and day dreaming of what it might be like to be a parent. Even though we were excited about the special time ahead we also had moments of doubts. Is Mini (which is what we called her for the whole 9 months) healthy? What would we have to do if she wasn't? What if we loose her before we even had time to meet her? Will I be able to cope with the birth? How will our relationship change once Mini is here?

Being pregnant for the first time leaves you with so much new ground to discover. Every day seems like a journey and you simply didn't quite know where you were going. It is such a special time and with each little movement that you can feel your heart grows and grows...

Mini's nursery decorated with love
Mini's outfit I made for the day she was born (far too big!)
Graeme ran the half marathon in April 2009 just before the birth (we thought is was somewhat equal effort)


Nach Berlin zu ziehen, war der Anfang eines neuen Lebensabschnitts für uns. Zusammen in einer Schule anfangen zu arbeiten, war ebenfalls spannend und schön zu gleich. In eine neue Wohnung zu ziehen, wo nur ein kleiner Haufen mit Umzugskisten aus England stand, gab uns viel Platz zum Entfalten und die Möglickeit endlich ein Zuhause zu gestalten, so wie uns es immer erträumt hatten. Als wir dann noch obendrein erfuhren, dass wir schwanger sind, mussten wir erstmal tief Luft holen - aus Freude, Aufregung, Zweifel über den Zeitpunkt und ein bißchen Angst vor dem was dieses kleine + auf dem Schwangerschafttest für unsere Zukunft bedeuten würde. Mein Körper schickte mir relativ schnell ein Signal nach dem anderen, dass sich ein kleines Wesen es in meinem Bauch gemütlich gemacht hatte. Als wir dann zum ersten Mal den Herzschlag auf dem Monitor sehen konnten und ein winziges Ärmchen uns zuwinkte, gab es keine Zweifel mehr - dieser kleine Mensch wollte zu uns.

Wir wollten immer Kinder haben und wir wollten ich allzu lange damit warten. Ich bin so froh, dass meine Mama noch so jung ist (und manchmal sogar als meine Schwester durchgeht) und dass meine Großeltern immer noch voller Lebenslust und Energie sind. Die einzige Hürde für mich war das Gespräch mit meinem neuen Direktor zu suchen. Ich hatte solch ein schlechtes Gewissen der Schule gegenüber und wollte nur ungern meine Klassen mitten im Schuljahr abgeben. Mir hatte der Kunstunterricht viel Freude bereitet und es war nicht so einfach dem ganzen wieder den Rücken zu zuwenden. Ich war jedoch in der Anfangszeit sehr froh darüber 3 große Waschbecken in meinem Klassenzimmer zu haben, wo von ich zum Glück nie wirklich Gebrauch nehmen musste!

Als mein Bauch dann langsam Übergröße annahm, war ich heilfroh nicht mehr arbeiten zu müssen. Ich machte es mir zu Hause gemütlich und verbrachte die letzten 6 Wochen der Schwangerschaft mit nähen und malen und tagträumen vom baldigen Mamaleben. Natürlich hatten wir auch Momente, in denen wir uns Sorgen gemacht haben. Ist Mini (das war der Spitzname von Minna im Bauch) gesund? Was würden wir tun müssen, wenn sie es nicht wäre? Was ist, wenn ihr doch noch vor der Geburt etwas im Bauch zustößt? Wie werde ich die Geburt überstehen? Wie wird sich wohl unsere Beziehung ändern, wenn Mini dann da ist?

Während der ersten Schwangerschaft begibt man sich auf so eine unbekannte Reise, wo man nur Schritt für Schritt sich den Weg entlang tasten kann. Man weiß nicht so wirklich wohin es geht, was die 9 Monate wahrscheinlich auch so besonders und intensiv machen. Das schöne an der Zeit ist, dass man mit jeder kleinen Bewegung im Bauch bemerkt, wie die Liebe zu dem kleinen Wesen immer mehr wächst und wächst.

6 weeks before the due date on the 16th of May 2009

18 December 2011

Advent Calendar filled with LOVE - No 18

This is our love story spread over 24 days - a little bit of love each day : )

Das ist unsere Liebesgeschichte verteilt über 24 Tage - jeden Tag ein kleines Stückchen Liebe : ) 

Our first wedding anniversary in NY 21.07. 2008

Just after I took this picture I realized that I had lost Graeme for a good 20 min in the busiest square in NY

 Delicious dinner at the River Cafe

beautiful lights everywhere

The day after the school year was over we left London for good and took a plane to New York to stay with my dear friend Becky, who I had studied art with for 3 years. Her and her fiance showed us around NY and pointed out all little hidden spots. One of those 4 days of our mini holiday was our 1st wedding anniversary. We went to the top of the Rockfeller building, hired a boat on the little lake in central park, went to see the Metropolitan Museum of Art and decided to go out for dinner with our friends. They suggested the River Cafe (www.rivercafe.com) right beneath Brooklyn Bridge with a river view of Manhattan and the statue of Liberty in the background. Even though we only got a table at quarter to 11 at night we still wanted to experience this amazing restaurant. It turned out to be such a special evening with the four of us. We celebrated our first year of being married and Becky and Alan's wedding day that was coming up very soon.

We spent the summer with Graeme's family and flew back to Berlin thinking we could move into our new flat. When we went to pick up our keys the landlord told us that the flat had been going through some major renovations that she hadn't quite planed on at first. Our flat basically was a building site and only one room had been left untouched. We moved in with my Mom for 3 weeks, but then decided we could do it even without a bathroom, kitchen and hot water. The start of our new school was very exciting and I loved being in the art room all day long! The other teachers were from all over the world and the whole team was friendly and some of them were in the same boat as us and had just moven to Berlin. Even though I am from Berlin I still had to find my way around town again. I had only ever lived on the former east side of Berlin and therefore I didn't have a clue about the other side of town. I still remember being blown away by all the beautiful Art Nouveau buildings not knowing they were so common in this part of town. I grew up in a 'Plattenbau', which is often 6 stories high, without any attention to detail, boxy, somewhat colorless and plain ugly. Our flat was suppose to be ready in 3 weeks time, but it tool them 7 weeks LONGER!! Nevertheless a little miracle happened within those first few weeks : ))

Our flat during the first few weeks


Am Tag nach dem Schuljahresende verabschiedeten wir uns von London für immer und stiegen in einen Flieger nach New York, um meine Freundin Becky zu besuchen. Mit Becky habe ich 3 Jahre lang Kunst studiert und viele Ausstellungen besucht. Ihr Verlobter und sie zeigten uns New York und viele kleine versteckte Ecken der Stadt. Einer unserer 4 Tage von unserem Miniurlaub war unser erster Hochzeitstag. Wir besuchten die Dachterasse vom Rockefeller Gebäude, machten eine kleine Bootstour im Central Park, gingen ins Metropolitan Museum of Art und entschlossen mit unseren Freunden so richtig schön essen zu gehen. Sie schlugen das River Cafe (www.rivercafe.com) gleich unter der Brooklyn Brücke vor. Von dort aus hatte man einen wunderschönen Blick auf Manhattan und die Freiheitsstatue, welche sich im Huson River spiegelten. Obwohl wir erst einen Tisch zu 22:45 Uhr bestellen konnten, wollten wir uns dieses kulinarische Erlebnis nicht entgehen lassen. Es war ein wunderschöner Abend und wir konnten somit unseren 1. Hochzeitstag so richtig schön ausklingen lassen. Auch für Becky und Alan war es ein schönes Vorhochzeitsessen mit uns, da wir leider zu ihrer eigentlichen Hochzeit nicht kommen konnten. 

Wir verbrachten den restlichen Sommer mit Graemes Familie und beim Rückflug nach Berlin waren wir immer noch vollen Glaubens am folgenden Tag in unsere neue Wohnung einziehen zu können. Als wir dann jedoch die Schlüssel abholen wollten, teilte uns die Vermieterin mit, dass sich die Umbauarbeiten etwas umfangreicher gestaltet haben und wir noch etwas Geduld haben müßten. Unsere Wohnung war wahrhaftig eine einzige Baustelle und nur ein Raum blieb von den Bauarbeitern verschont. Wir zogen für 3 Wochen mit zu meiner Mama und entschlossen uns dann einfach mit diesem einen Raum anzufreunden. Es ging komischerweise auch ohne Badezimmer, Küche und heißem Wasser. Der Start an unserer neuen Schule war sehr spannend und lenkte auf jeden Fall von unserer nicht vorhandenen Wohnung  ab. Ich genoß es jeden Tag in meinen Kunstraum zu sein und wir freundeten uns schnell mit vielen anderen Lehrern aus aller Welt an. Einige von ihnen war auch erst neu nach Berlin gezogen und saßen somit im gleichen Boot wie wir. Obwohl ich in Berlin groß geworden bin, mußte ich mich erst einmal wieder einleben. Ich kannte bis dahin nur den Ostteil der Stadt und mußte einige für mich neue Stadtteile erkunden, die ich bis dahin kaum besucht hatte. Ich weiß noch wie ich anfangs so überrascht davon war wieviele unzählige Jugendstilhäusern es im ehemaligen Westen gab. Ich bin in einem Plattenbau groß geworden, welche meistens sechs Etagen hatten, es schlicht und ergreifend keine Verzierungen gab, sie aussahen wie eine graue Kiste und eigentlich nur häßlich waren. Unsere schicke Altbauwohnung sollte eigentlich nach 3 Wochen fertig sein, aber es hat letztendlich ganze 7 Wochen LÄNGER gedauert! Trotzallem ist in dieser Zeit ein kleines Wunder passiert : ))

visiting the Brandenburger Gate at night

At the wedding of Tamlyn and Geoff in September 2008 in Barnes (We went back to London for one weekend a lot quicker that I had imagined)

17 December 2011

Advent Calendar filled with LOVE - No 17

This is our love story spread over 24 days - a little bit of love each day : )

Das ist unsere Liebesgeschichte verteilt über 24 Tage - jeden Tag ein kleines Stückchen Liebe : ) 

Trying to stay warm on the ski lift


After we came back to London from our honeymoon there wasn't much time to rest. In fact I don't think we every really stopped that summer. Driving from town to town and village to village for 3 weeks was fun and exciting, but it didn't quite offer any opportunities to just do nothing. Back in London I had lined up my very first teaching job at a state school down the road from where we lived. I was the reception class teacher for 30 four and five year old children. Even though I did have an assistant most of the time I was often overwhelmed by the amount of kids in my class and the work load that was expected of the teachers day in and day out - even on the weekends. Some of students in my class didn't speak English and others had never experienced leaving their parents before. It was challenging in many ways! I was so relieved to have my sister help me out every now and then even though she came to London to work as a nanny for 6 months. I had lost my voice by Christmas and I knew I was running low on fuel. Our flight home to Berlin just before Christmas got canceled because of fog on the ground. It was a nightmare trip and we ended up having to book a new flight from an airport that was 1 1/2 h away from where we lived and because the flight left at 6 am we had to get up super early to make it to the airport in time. Graeme's bag with all his winter clothes got lost for over a week and was only delivered moments before we were just about to go to the airport again. We did end up having our very first snow board trip to Austria, which I spent most of the time on my bottom in the snow or in bed sleeping. Graeme enjoyed every moment on the snowboard and in the snow. He picked up the techniques very quickly as it reminded him of surfing and skateboarding.

By January 2008 I felt really low on energy and hardly had any motivation. I was sick of being so far away from my family, I could not stand the thought of another endless flight to Berlin or London, I didn't enjoy my time at the school anymore (except when I got to paint a mural in the reception entrance room - I loved every moment of that!) I was totally over London transportation and the scary side effects that come with it. Experiencing a town being affected by terrorism is a strange and uncomfortable feeling ... I could not see the bright side of spending most of our income on rent and bills anymore, I was tired of having to justify every little something I wanted to buy to treat myself or to surprise Graeme or just to go out for dinner and a drink with friends. All together I was very tired of London and the hectic and money pressured life style. I did not feel that Graeme and I had a chance to enjoy our time together anymore, because we were both so wrapped up in our work lives during the week and on the weekends.

Well, I thought about that thought many times over - mainly at night times when I was suppose to sleep, but I was too tired to sleep (if that makes sense) . I really felt the urge to leave this big and crazy city that I had fallen in love with 5 years ago. Graeme wasn't so easily convinced, but after a while he could see the benefits. We had to give in our notice at our schools before we knew if and where we would be able to find a job in Berlin. My family was happy to hear that we were moving closer, but they didn't quite think it was such a smart move to leave our 'well' paid jobs in London behind. I knew it was the right decision and when I saw an art teaching position being advertised at one of the International Schools in Berlin I could not belief my eyes. I phoned them up straight away and told them that I want that job and that they need to see me for an interview. I flew over and tried to convince them. The head seemed happy, but didn't give me a final answer. He did ask me if my husband was looking for a job as well and that he also needed a class room teacher. I could not believe what was happening. In the end the head of the school came to London for a conference days later and met up with Graeme and I and offered both of us a job at his school for the next school year! Once again I realized how important it is to trust your heart and do what seems right to you and not to anyone else. We went to Berlin to look for a flat. We found one within a week and the tenant in the flat even had one of my Grandpa's first books on her book shelf, which I thought was such a sweet sign to say: "Come and stay here! This will be the perfect nest for you two." I am so glad we took that risk!

Graeme loving the snow and his snowboard

Me loving the view and the few moments when I did manage to stay on the board

New Years Eve Dinner with friends


Nach unseren Flitterwochen hatten wir nicht viel Zeit zum Auftanken. Wenn ich es mir so recht überlege, hatten wir eigentlich den ganzen Sommer über keinen richtigen Moment, um einfach mal abzuschalten. Unsere Wohnmobilreise von Stadt zu Stadt und Dorf zu Dorf war zwar total spannend und lustig, aber es gab kaum die Möglickeit mal nichts zu tun. Im September 2007 wartete mein allererster Lehrerjob an einer staatlichen Grundschule in der Nähe von unserer Wohnung auf mich. Ich war die Klassenlehrerin von 30 kleinen vier- und fünfjährigen Kindern, wovon manche kein Englisch sprachen und andere wiederrum noch nie von ihren Eltern getrennt gewesen sind. Ich hatte zwar die meiste Zeit eine Lehrerassisstentin mit in meiner Klasse, aber trotzdessen war ich von der Schüleranzahl und dem täglichen umfangreichen Anforderungen oft überwältigt. Zum Glück kam meiner Schwester manchmal mit in die Klasse und half mir, obwohl sie eigentlich für 6 Monate als Nanny nach London gekommen ist. Kurz vor Weihnachten verlor ich dann meine Stimme und ich merkte wie ich immer weniger Reserven übrig hatte. Unser Flug zwei Tage vor Weihnachten nach Berlin wurde kurzer Hand gestrichen und wir mußten zusehen, wie wir irgendwie nach Berlin kamen. Letztendlich mußten wir einen neuen Flug buchen und früh um 4 Uhr aufstehen, um mit einem Taxi zu einem Flughafen, welcher 1 1/2h entfernt ist, fahren. Graemes Tasche mit all seinen warmen Wintersachen war verschwunden und tauchte erst kurz vor unserm Antritt von unserem nächsten Flug wieder auf. Wir sind in dem Urlaub trotzallem noch zum allerersten Mal Snowboard gefahren, wobei ich die meiste Zeit im Schnee oder im Bett verbracht hatte. Graeme hat den Urlaub total genossen und lag mit seinen Surf - und Skateboardkenntnissen ganz klar im Vorteil.

Im Janurar 2008 hatte ich kaum Kraft und keine Motivation. Ich hatte die Nase voll davon so weit von  meiner Familie entfernt zu sein, ich konnte den Gedanken an einen weiteren Flug nach Berlin bzw. London nicht mehr ausstehen und mir machte das Unterrichten an der Schule keinen Spaß mehr (abgesehen von dem Wandbild, welches ich im Eingangsbereich gemalt hatte, da ich 2 Wochen lang vor Weihnachten keine Stimme hatte und somit nicht unterrichten konnte.). Mich grauelte es vor dem öffentlichen Verkehr in London, welcher immer vollgestopfter wurde und nach dem Bombenanschlag kein Vergnügen mehr darstellte. Ich wollte nicht mehr, dass wir unser ganzen Einkommen an Miete und monatlichen Rechnungen ausgaben und eigentlich immer zweimal überlegen mußten, ob wir nun mit Freunden esses gehen können oder lieber nicht.  Im Großen und Ganzen wollte ich nicht mehr in London sein und der hecktischen und geldfressenden Stadt zum Opfer fallen. Ich hatte auch nicht mehr das Gefühl, dass Graeme und ich die Möglichkeit hatten so richtig abzuschalten und etwas schönes außerhalb der Arbeitszeit zu unternehmen. Immer drehte sich alles ums Arbeiten sogar am Wochenende.

Somit rotierte es in meinem Kopf, allerdings erst nachts obwohl ich eigentlich hätte schlafen sollen und jedoch so müde war, dass ich nicht mehr schalfen konnte (falls das überhaupt Sinn macht). Mich überkam es immer mehr diese große Stadt, in welche ich mich vor 5 Jahren so verliebt hatte, zu verlassen.  Graeme war nicht ganz so leicht von diesem Vorhaben zu überzeugen, aber nach einigen Gesprächen konnte auch er sich mit dem Gedanken anfreunden. Wir mußten jedoch in London unsere Jobs kündigen bevor wir überhaupt einen neuen Job in Berlin hatten. Meine Familie war natürlich total glücklich darüber, dass wir bald in ihrer Nähe sein würden, aber sie waren nicht wirklich davon begeistert, dass wir unsere 'gut' bezahlten Jobs einfach so aufgeben wollten. Ich wußte jedoch, dass es der richitge Weg war und als ich im Internet eine Anzeige für eine Grundschulkunstlehrerposition fand, konnte ich meinen Augen kaum glauben. Ich rief sofort bei der Schule an und sagte Ihnen, dass ich nächste Woche zu einem Vorstellungsgespräch vorbeikommen möchte. Ich flog somit nach Berlin und versuchte die Schule von meinem Können zu überzeugen. Der Direktor gab mir an dem Tag keine genau Auskuft darüber, ob ich nun den Job bekommen würde. Er fragte mich jedoch, ob mein Mann nicht vielleicht auch einen Job sucht, da er noch einen Klassenlehrer braucht. Was in den Tagen darauf passierte, ist für mich heute noch kaum zu fassen. Der Dirketor flog nach London, um eine Konferenz zu besuchen. Er verabredete sich mit mir und Graeme und bot uns beiden einen Job an seiner Schule für das kommende Schuljahr an! Das war einer der Momente, wo mir wieder einmal bewußt wurde, wie wichtig es ist seinem Herzen zu vertrauen und das zu tun, was man für richtig hält ganz egal was alle anderen sagen. Wir flogen nach Berlin, um eine Wohnung für August zu suchen. Wir fanden auch eine Altbauwohnung mit Stuck und die Frau, die dort noch drin wohnte, hatte sogar eines der Bücher von meinem Opa auf ihrem Regal stehen, was für mich wie ein kleines Zeichen war und soviel sagen wollte wie: "Hier seid ihr richtig! Das wird ein gemütliches Nest für euch zwei werden." Ich bin so froh, dass wir dieses Risiko eingegangen sind!

My very first class in London

Little escape at Portobello Road