14 February 2012

I say I love you ...

I say I love you every day. I say it at the end of a telephone conversation with my husband or once I sang a song to the kids and kissed them good night. They are also often the very last words I say before I turn of the light. I don't always say it out loud, but I still think it. When nobody is there to say it to in person I close my eyes and send little hearts to special people and thank them for the time they spent with us or the effort they made to be there for us in one way or another.

I also try and say I love you to myself more often. It doesn't come naturally even though it should. Did you ever look in the mirror and said  I love you to yourself? It feels weird at first and I don't purely mean the image that you see, but I mean the whole person.

Our body, our mind and our heart.   

Our legs carry us everywhere we want to go and our hands create, write and make sandwiches every day, our mind comes up with inspiring thoughts or simply reminds us of important dates or little things that are life changing for others and our heart tries to guide us through life and makes us go through different feelings to help us appreciate the beauty in the sad and not so comfortable moments and the happy and loveable moments. Every day we make a difference in our lives or the lives of others and we should thank ourselves for that.

Why not smile at yourself and say those 3 little words to welcome another day !?  



  1. I'm a bit late on the Valentine's day thing here .. but still :) I think it's so interesting what you say about saying I love you to ourselves. I actually don't think I have ever done it - I mean, I think I love myself, but to say it consciously is something else. It's funny because I think today I came close but in a weird way. The last step to my morning routine is putting on make up. And as I reached for my cosmetics bag, I stopped and thought, wait. I looked at myself in the mirror and thought, I feel pretty today. I think I am a good looking lady. No need for makeup. And somehow I felt empowered by that. I mean, I like makeup, I don't just put it on to be pretty, I like it because it's fun and I love colour and I usually see it as part of my outfit. Plus I don't wear foundation (which I think qualifies as actual makeup, made to conceal and produce illusions). But for some reason, today, I felt colourful enough, pretty enough. A confident satisfaction with myself that I was consciously aware of. So it almost felt like I was saying I love you to myself. Hmmm.

    Thank you for this post. You have passed on a valuable bit of information that I will make use of. From now on I will make the effort to say, " Hey, Holly. You know what? I LOVE you :) ".


  2. You know the old saying you can't love someone else until you love yourself. We should look in the mirror and YELL to ourselves that we LOVE ourselves. :-)

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