3 February 2012

18693 days

I know I keep going on about my grandparents, but I love them! As you might have seen in an earlier post I made a couple portrait of the two of them for my Granddad's birthday. Once I had printed it out I thought it needed a little more romance to it therefore I created this collage.

They have been married over 50 years now and I admire them for that. Everyone who has been to their house would feel the same harmony and welcoming feeling that we receive every time we go. When either of them is not there you can tell, as the atmosphere in the house is simply different. They are such a wonderful couple and I love watching them interact.

Even after 18693 days of being married they still treat each other with respect and enjoy their little rituals. My grandma for example sets their breakfast table each morning while my granddad is in charge of the afternoon tea and coffee. My grandma always turns on a little candle when they eat together and makes sure that there is a little bunch of flowers sitting on their table or window seal which she would have picked earlier in their tiny garden. They still have and for most of their lives have had separate bed rooms. They have a favorite restaurant which they visit on special occasions and they love going on bus tours to explore parts of Europe they have not been to.

At the moment my grandma is in hospital. She will be fine and back home again soon, but the thought that my granddad is all by himself makes my heart shrink a little. I find it so difficult to imagine that one day the house will have a different feel to it and it might even be empty in years to come. I know I have to except that, but for now I am thankful for every day and moment we get to spend with them. I love how my granddad plays his little games with Minna and Finn that he used to play with me and I love how my grandma goes off to get her dolls and teddies and puts on music to sit in her room and play with kids or when it comes to lunch time naps she always manages to put them to sleep and cuddle up with them for a little while on her cozy bed. Sweet sweet moments!

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