6 February 2012

Blue Saturday

This Saturday was not easy for me. I felt sad and disappointed and I simply have not felt like that for a long time. These are the moments when I love being able to curl up in my husbands arms and just let go of my tears.

This Saturday taught me about how friendships can change and how you will only ever travel with someone for a certain amount of time. Some people enter your life for a short and cheerful moment while others will stay with you for a long time. Either way there is a beginning and an end and it can leave a great impression and make a wonderful difference in life.

I am thankful for both kinds of friendships.

I do think it is that much harder to let go of a friend or at least the expectation of the friendship that I have had for such a long time and that I will always love looking back onto. The memories are endless and it's hard for me to accept that there might not be more happy moments together.
I know that everyone changes and that I have changed as well since I was 15 years old. I just didn't think that I had changed so much that I would loose strong connection to a close friend within a year or two.

Maybe I did ...  but I am who I am now and I can't change that.

I hope that one day our friendship will grow stronger again.

I hope that she knows that my doors are always open to her. 

Deine Janie                                                         

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  1. Oh Janie! I'm sad to read about this, but as you said, people change, we ourselves change and sometimes we grown further apart and sometimes closer together. One thing for sure in life is change - but it is a hard reality to face sometimes. I hope you will find peace and resolve in this situation Xx.