14 November 2011

Family Rock'n'Roll

We went to a Bindi Erwin's Birthday Party at Australia Zoo in the summer. The theme was Rock'n'Roll and I knew I had to wear my favorite dancing skirt that I once bought in London. I also knew that I had to dress up Minna and Finn and decided to make them matching clothes. Minna was so excited to be able to wear her special dancing skirt for the birthday party! I added the same poodle from Minna's skirt onto Finn's shirt. They looked so cute together! I still love putting on their matching clothes - even if we are not invited to a party : ) 

A little something sweet

Something so little can make such a big difference to a simple shirt or a plain jacket. I love adding small details to a piece of clothing that most likely hundreds of other people own as well. All of the sudden it's more personal and a sweet little eye catcher.  

Love Pants

These tiny pants were a birth present to Emilie. Her dear Mommy once was my host sister in Germany. She came all the way from Australia to stay with us for a year. We became great friends and stayed in touch ever since.

 I love these kind of pants on little kids. They always look so comfortable and I know exactly that the baby wearing them will enjoy the stretchy waistband and the extra room for nappies.

 Adding a special little something makes me smile. I don't think I will ever get tired of looking at hearts.