11 June 2012

Letting go

Letting go seems to be a very present lesson to learn at the moment - for all of us. You two will be going to your day care center for the very last time tomorrow and by the end of the week we will sing your very last goodnight song in the same flat where we held you and hugged you from the first day you were born.

Moving is simply moving - physically as much as emotionally. I will have to detach the little baby bed where you, Finni, spent the first 6 months sleeping,snuggling and growing right next to me. The thought makes me weep every time, which is why I have not taken it down. You have been sharing a bedroom with your big sister for over a year now, but your little bed is still right next to me. It reminds me of all those precious first moments we shared together. Holding you close to my heart is still one of my favorite moments of the day.

I know I have to let go now.
It's not easy.

I do think letting go makes room for new things and will open up opportunities we never knew existed. Our memories will always be in my heart - no matter where we are!

Love Mama XOX


  1. Sweet post Janie. Where are you moving to? Good luck with it all. I know it takes a lot of effort - emotionally and physically, but just remember, Home is where the Heart is ... and all your family's hearts will be coming with you :)


    ps. no clue about the iPad problem, sorry :(

  2. I just stumbled over your blog and it is great! I love the design, your introduction why you blog and your posts :)

    lots of love