7 June 2012

Sharing some love - Giveaway via Casey

Yeah! It's giveaway time!

Check out Casey's blog: http://www.thewiegands.com/2012/06/group-giveaway-day.html and leave a comment or become a follower if you wish.

I am giving away my latest favorite book: " The love language of children" , which is such an eye opener and will help you learn about your primary love language and the one of your children. After reading it you will know how to make sure that your child will FEEL your love so much more and that he or she will never run on a low emotional tank ever again!

This book is priceless!

With love from Minna and Finn's Mama

P.S.: my primary love language is quality time and I love giving my undivided attention to you through this blog : )

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