4 June 2012

Every end is the beginning of something new

This is what it says on the shop window of my favorite little second hand boutique in Berlin-Friedenau at the moment  (http://www.allesnebenan.de/geschaeft/Verzueckt-Designerfundus-Berlin-Dickhardtstr:405412 )


This sentence matches up perfectly with our life at the moment as well. We are in the middle of packing everything up and we will only take a few precious things on our journey to our new home. It won't be easy to say goodbye to everyone who loves us over here on this side of the world, but at the same time we know that there are equally as many special people waiting to wrap their arms around us on the other side of the world.

When ever somebody asks me: "Isn't it hard to leave your home?" I say: "It sure is, but it feels so right to do this! I know this is meant to be this way and most likely so many opportunities will open up for us that we cannot even think of at the moment. So even if it is a big deal to organize this move and to leave all these lovely people behind, it will be worth it on so many levels in our near future." I then often get a smile and a little voice saying: "But that means all of you will be gone and we won't see each other anymore." That is one side effect that I would love to minimize of course. The distance between Germany and Australia could not be much bigger, but technically we are still 'there' and simply not 'here'. Skype will be a great way to have a coffee/juice together and a giggle and a smile. It sure is not the same as a real date, but it will be one way of staying in touch : )

I trust in the future and I know you two will love every moment of it. You will get to know so many more people that are close to your hearts and that you didn't get a chance to really bond with just yet. You will get to know the Australian way of life and become familiar with all (well, hopefully not all of them) the unique animals and the amazing nature of your second home. You will learn to speak the language, eat yummy seafood and delicious fruits. You will hopefully learn how to swim and spent so much time outside in the garden. It will be magical!

Love from my heart (something that will never end)

Mama XOX 

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