9 September 2012

Tribute to Tasko

Tasko has been your first furry friend who has known you since the day you were born. It took you, Minna, a little while to work out that he was the friendliest dog around.When you were little you were not too sure about him coming close to you. Nevertheless you always wanted to know where he is and you were so keen to feed him, but simply liked to keep a save distance. Only when you started watching your brother hugging him and crawling into his doggy bed with him, your courage grew and you didn't mind him coming right up close to you.

Finni, you on the other hand, have not shown an ounce of fear towards any dog. You loved being with Tasko right from the start. Once you were able to crawl there was no holding you back from following your furry friend. You couldn't wait to get outside into garden with him no matter what time of the day or weather condition. Once you started to talk you always called out to him: "TAKKO! TAAAKKOOOOOO! ARE YOOU???"

The day before we left Germany all of us sat down beside Tasko in the shade and told him that we were about fly to Australia on a plane and that he would fly to heaven very soon and that it was OK for him to do that when he was ready. Both of you stroked him gently and Minna wanted to know if Frau Mueller, our 98 year old neighbor who also passed away a couple of weeks earlier, would go for walks with once he has passed over. I think she would love to do that!

We knew he didn't have much longer to live when we said "Goodbye Tasko!" only moments before heading off to the airport, but we didn't think that he would pass away so quickly afterwards either. Minna and Finn loved you and still talk about you and draw pictures of you.

Rest in Peace Tasko

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