18 May 2012

The Hive

I have not been writing for a little while now since life was just so full on in many exciting ways! I do want to start writing more again, but I still find it hard to find 'my way' of blogging. I sometimes feel like sharing everything with everyone simply because that is what I like doing, but other times I feel like I just want to be there for my family only or have a feeling just inside me without anyone knowing. This little voice inside me says things like:  "Who cares what I have to say!?" and other days it says "If only one person gets a positive vibe from a post that I wrote - it was all worth it!" I still go from one extreme to the other, but I guess I am simply trying it out and learning along the way. I do know for a fact that happiness will only multiply when you share it, which is why I want to continue this blog.

Mother's Day Breakfast with my 2 angels in disguise

There are so many amazing things happening all around us at the moment and I would love for you to be part of it. 

First of all I am very excited about tomorrow as I am going to THE HIVE (European Blog Conference) hoping to meet other bloggers or blog readers, who like to share what they are passionate about - just like me!!

Happy Weekend XO Janie


  1. Have fun at Hive!!!! Wish I could be there ;)

    Xx. Holly.

  2. I will soak it all in and share it with you afterwards!!! have fun with your family - they are very important too : ) XO Janie

  3. cannot wait to hear about The Hive! :)

  4. It was so nice meeting you at The Hive this past weekend! I also really appreciated the questions you asked in several of the sessions; thanks for raising your hand! =)

  5. Hi Janie, It's Kristen from The Hive! It was so so wonderful to meet you on Saturday. I'm looking forward to exploring your blog more. Keep in touch and let me know if you're ever in Paris! xxx


  6. Dear Juliette! I wish I could have come on Sunday as well. It would have been lovely to talk some more over a delicious lunch or a chocolate muffin : ) I am looking forward to following your blog! Enjoy the summer Xx Janie

  7. Hello Kirsten : ) It was so nice talking to you on Saturday night! Next time we should organize some more time to explore the city - Paris or Berlin : ) Definitely keep in touch!! Xx Janie