22 May 2012


High-tech women all around

I think I read my very first blog a little over a year ago ( which was http://www.thewiegands.com/ and it got me hooked straight away), I published my first blog post in May last year (http://zumverlieben.blogspot.de/2011/05/das-sind-die-winkeltaschen-von-meinen-2.html and I went to the first European Blog Conference THE HIVE ( https://www.facebook.com/TheHiveBlogConference)  last weekend. I think that's a pretty good progress even though I would still call myself a blog virgin!

THE HIVE was such a wonderful way to learn more about the blogging world and to realize how many people you can reach and inspire and change their lives - sometimes a little and sometimes a lot!

Having delicious treats in between presentations

It was incredible being able to listen to all these amazing women and moms ( I think there were about 10 men in total : )  I loved hearing what they are passionate about, what they blog about and why. I met people who had 5 followers and 27 000 followers and they were equally interesting to talk to. Some people are just getting started like Ina from http://www.pattydoo.com/ (a wonderful sewing tutorial blog) and others have been doing it for years and do a beautiful job like Jeanette from http://frydogdesign.blogspot.de/ and Gabrielle from http://www.designmom.com/.

Design Mom - Being a mom of 6 children - a power nap must be her secret

It does seem like Germany and Europe in general are still a little behind when it comes to blogs and especially in appreciating them. I don't think that most people even realize what they are missing out on and how much businesses could profit from blogs in so many ways.

I do think that despite the wonderful ONLINE world it is so so so important to touch base with real people and real friends, which you might have met online first or keep in touch with through your blog/ facebook/ twitter/ pinterest ... . I love the fact that I got to meet people like the publisher of a sweet Magazine that I have been reading called Kleinformat  http://www.kleinformat-mag.net/ and Marie who runs an online shop at DaWanda, where I have bought beautiful material from in the past http://blog.naehmarie.de/tag/dawanda-2/. in real life at THE HIVE.

Having met other bloggers makes me feel much more connected sitting in front of my computer all 'alone' reading beautiful posts and looking at inspiring images! Thank you so much for all your effort Radostina, Peggy and Yvonne!!

Anna Sterntaler working at DaWanda

Well, I am truly looking forward to the next blog conference and I really wish I wouldn't have to wait another 365 days!!

With happiness from Janie


  1. Hi Janie - loved meeting you to at the hive - was such a great weekend. Keep in touch sweets - I will now I know where you are:)

  2. I so wish we meet there next year!! Sounds like it was great!