26 May 2012

Dear Minna and Finn

This blog is a gift to you from my heart to yours and I hope to capture many more precious memories. You two make my whole world sparkle and I am so thankful for being part of your wonderful journey through life. You teach me new things every day and the moment I got to hold you for the very first time my heart started to grow bigger and deeper! 

I am always worried that one day I will forget little sweet moments we had together, a fun family outing that brought us closer or a meal we shared together when we laughed and giggled about something silly that happened. I love all those wonderful moments when I get to be a child with you all over again!

With this blog I would love to capture what my life is all about and I am hoping one day you will look through these posts and remember how much your Daddy and I loved you two back then and now!!

With love Mama


  1. What a heart warming post Janie! I can't stop looking at those little feet standing on tip toes! Too cute!!


  2. Thank you Holly! I know, I could kiss those little feet all the time : ) Xx back to you