28 May 2012

Dear Minna and Finn (2)

Yesterday your Dad and I enjoyed 4 hours without you. We love those moments when it is just the two of us. As much as we love having quality family time together with the two of you - we also know that we need to make sure every now and then it is just Mama and Daddy time.

We dropped you off at Grandma's and Grandpa's house, where you had a blast in the garden playing with the watering hose and kicking the ball. While we went to the horse races at the Galopprennbahn in Hoppegarten. Your Dad won a couple of times while ... I didn't do so well in picking the winning horse.

The funny thing is that whenever we are without you - most certainly we will be talking about you, looking at recent photographs or videos from when you were first born. We laugh about things that you did and we go on about how much you have grown up, how your hair color changed once again and how much faster you are at running or more confident at climbing.

When ever you get to have little ones please make sure you allow yourself to enjoy those special moments with that special someone who is so very important as well. Sometimes it is easy to forget what life was like without having children, but once you make the effort to go on a date again you will remember very quickly why you fell in love in the first place.

Letting go every now and then is OK and OMG do we love those moments when we get to pick you up again and your little faces are full of laughter and happiness!

Even when we are not with you - we really are right inside your little hearts!!

Love Mama XOX

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  1. Parents are real people too. This is such a good love lesson. Your kids are so lucky to have parents like you Xx.