11 February 2012

Guest Post by Lauren Fleishman: LOVE EVER AFTER

The other day I stumbled across the most beautiful video by Lauren Fleishman who is a photographer from New York. She takes touching portraits of couples who have been married for at least 50 years.
 I love looking at them and I wonder what me and Graeme would look like in 2057 : ) Haah - funny thought! I sure hope it will be something close to this couple, which is one of my favorite images by Lauren Fleishman.

Lauren would love to publish a book about her LOVE EVER AFTER project, which is why I want to help her and spread the word and passion for people who are willing to do what it takes every day to have a happy and long lasting relationship. She is asking people to put money towards her project and wants to raise 15 000$. Well, when I supported her project 5 days ago she had only raised something like 1200$. NOW she is only 872$ away from her goal and will most likely get to kick start her book a lot quicker than she had planned on : )  I am so thrilled for her!! 

This is her favorite image of the LOVE EVER AFTER series!

ENJOY the video, spread the word and if you feel the love - make a little contribution.

I emailed her a few questions and here is what she said: 

What is your favorite thing that you remember growing up with your grand parents? Is there anything you still treasure in your heart that they taught you?

I do remember my Grandfather David being very involved with the family. He was very European and had this strong accent that I didn't understand as a young girl. He used to give me coffee in a bowl with milk and sugar.

How did you feel reading the love letters of your Grandpa once he had passed away? Did you know they existed beforehand?

I found my Grandfather Joe's love letters after he passed away. He had a book that he left next to his bed and that's where they were. He had beautiful handwriting and I was happy that he had saved them all these years. 

When did you start taking pictures of couples that had been married for at least 50 years?
I started the Love Ever After  project about three years ago. It began as a way to honor my grandparents commitment. This work helps to preserve the couples stories and illuminate our universal experience of love. I am now working towards publishing these photographs as my first book.

How do they react when you ask them about their love story and how do they respond to getting their portraits taken? 
Each couple is so unique and special so I think you would have to ask them about their experience. I hope that they enjoy meeting me as much as I've enjoyed meeting them.

Can you see yourself being married for 50 years? What do you think is the secret behind a happy and long lasting marriage?

I am a romantic so I do hope that I will be married for 50 years. I'm not sure if there is a secret because love in itself is so complex. I do plan on being very patient and supportive.

You can see a video of this project and pledge towards the book here

Thank you for stopping by XOX

With love from Janie

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  1. What a lovely project! And so in theme with your blog :)

    Ah love! What a wonderful thing.