8 February 2012

All smiles : )

Here is something that made me smile big times! I have read about it and I have been wondering about it and then I got a message with the logo of the award and at first I thought ... ahh, lovely Holly from http://www.hvhinteriors.com/ is sharing with me that she got the award! How nice!

But then I soon realized that she actually pasted it on to me : ))) Taadaaaaa!

Here it is:

What amazed me the most is that I had only met Holly the night before. Another sweet friend of mine invited me out to her birthday party at Clärchen's Ballhaus in Berlin Mitte, which is always so much fun and it's hard to keep me off the dance floor. Right at the end of the night I was introduced to Holly and we soon found out that we are both blogging and she told me why she was in Berlin and what her plans are for the near future. We had such a lovely conversation and it was wonderful to meet a person and to know even though we might not be able to catch up very soon again, we can always keep in contact online. So we checked out each others blogs and straight away I got this sweet sweet award from her.


Translated to English from German, "liebster" means "favourite" or "beloved". The point of the award is to support and appreciate smaller blogs. Once you receive such an award, you must thank the blogger who gave you the award and provide a link to their site on your blog. Then choose 5 of your liebster blogs (must have less than 200 followers) and contact them to tell them so. They, in turn, will follow the same procedure. And the love just keeps on spreading. Nice, right?

So I am passing the Liebster Blog Award to ... (drum roll please) ...

I choose these 5 blogs for mainly one reason: I want all of them to keep writing their beautiful blogs!

They are all different in their own way:

1st blog:   is a sweet friend of mine who has a little girl about the same age as my 2 kids
2nd blog:  is someone I met not so long ago and we both share one passion: Vintage treasures
3rd blog:   is someone I met back in London and I am so excited for her to start writing her own blog
4th blog:   is an inspiring Mama who runs an art studio in Dallas that I would love to visit one day!!!
5th blog:   is a photographer with a great idea - sharing another passion of mine: LOVE stories

ENJOY those wonderful blogs and keep spreading the Liebster Blog Award to someone special!

Big hug from Berlin,

XOXO Janie


  1. You are soooo welcome Janie, the pleasure is all mine! It is so lucky that I met you and when I went to discover your bog, I loved it immediately :) Life works in mysterious ways and I'm happy to embrace that. Thank you for spreading the love - I will be checking up on your winners later. Xx.

  2. Vielen Dank! wow.

    I will most definitely check out the others.


  3. I will check out the others! thanks for the links.

    and the best of congrats to you :)

    much love,