25 December 2011

Advent Calendar filled with LOVE - No 24

This is our love story spread over 24 days - a little bit of love each day : )

Das ist unsere Liebesgeschichte verteilt über 24 Tage - jeden Tag ein kleines Stückchen Liebe : )

November 2002

July 2011

Sometimes life takes you on unexpected paths and sometimes they change your life forever. I am so thankful for all the people we have met and the decissions we made along the way. It's been such a special time of the day writing about our story throughout the last 24 days (even though I have lost a fair few hours of sleep) and we truely have been skipping down memory lane.

We have so many exciting plans ahead of us! Our biggest one is to go to Australia for one year in July 2012. We cannot wait! It will also be our 10th anniversary back in Gladstone. We would have never imagined that THE night we met.

For now we wish you all a wonderful Christmas time and a great start of the new year! I hope Santa gave you that little special present that you have been wishing for! Keep dreaming and believing! Miracles do happen!!!

Ich werde so bald ich mich von der Weihnachtsgans erholt habe, alle Übersetzungen nachholen. Bis dahin wünsche ich euch ein glückliches Weihnachtsfest!!!

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