23 December 2011

Advent Calendar filled with LOVE - No 22

This is our love story spread over 24 days - a little bit of love each day : )

Das ist unsere Liebesgeschichte verteilt über 24 Tage - jeden Tag ein kleines Stückchen Liebe : ) 


Minna loves our little boat house just as much as we do!
Watching the world cup with Maxi in July 2010
Minna grew up so quickly and it was amazing watching her discover the world around her. We always said that it would be nice to have two children and after about 5 or 6 months we started thinking about our next little family member, who was just as hard to imagine as the first one. Graeme and I both have siblings, but there are at least 5, 10, 15 and more years apart from us and we thought it would be nice to have them close together so they can grow up side by side. We also liked the thought that they would always have each other even when our time has come to an end. It seems weird to think that but somewhere in my heart it feels really good.  

Maxi's pregnancy was somewhat different to Minna's. I didn't feel sick in the beginning, but nauseous if I didn't eat something right there and then. My belly popped straight away and it was so obvious right from the start that I was carrying a little someone. I ate for two especially ice cream. My feet were burning during hot summer days, which I never experienced with Minna. I totally didn't crawl around on the floor building sand castles during my first pregnancy. I was very happy not having to work and enjoying the luxury of sitting on the couch when I felt like it. I did start watching a fair bit of Bindi Erwin with Minna when I was too tired to do anything, which is still her most favorite DVD to watch. I only worried a tiny bit about the birth and the time ahead. This time I simply felt so much more relaxed and prepared. 

The contractions started at exactly the same time 1am, but I only had a little while to get myself ready. I took a shower, blow dried my hair and told Graeme not to worry about going to sleep. I rang my midwife at 2am and we met her at the hospital at 3:30am. This time I wanted a midwife who was going to be there for us throughout the whole pregnancy, the birth and the time after the baby was born. It made such a difference to how I felt walking into that labor ward. It only took 1h and 30min for Finn Felix to arrive. It was actually a really nice birth. Everything just happened the way it should. My mom and my sister came to join us again. Only this time I passed out in the bathroom right after the birth which is why we had to stay one night at the hospital. Minna came to met her brother and was totally amazed by the tiny person under the warm blanket. Sweet sweet memories!

Maxi had 6 hours left inside that big belly

Finn Felix born on the 19th of September at 4:53am on the same day at his great grandma who watched Minna at home that night
Special moments

Minna came to say hello the next day

Finni had a tiny fold over his right eye - like a little thinker.
Das mit den Übersetzung muss leider noch warten ...  tut mir total leid, aber es ist schon WIEDER kurz vor eins ... nachts ... da war doch was !?
Our first family shot at home - slightly more lively to our first night home with Minna.

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