1 December 2011

Time to myself (05.07.2011)

It seems like being a mom, wife, daughter, grand daughter, cousin, sister and girl friend should give you lots of reasons to always be doing something important for either of these roles in life. Some I chose to be, some I didn't. I love being all of them, but I know that I can only truly enjoy them when I had enough quality time with myself. Which is why I dropped both of my kids of at the child care center for the very first time today. It was a little sad to say goodbye to them and to know other people will look after them when they are happy, excited or sad. But I know they are in good hands and therefore I went home,switched on my sewing machine, had yummi breakfast on the balcony and enjoyed that very special time with myself. I even wrote a blog about to remind myself how important this is to me and everyone else : )

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