22 December 2011

Advent Calendar filled with LOVE - No 21

This is our love story spread over 24 days - a little bit of love each day : )

Das ist unsere Liebesgeschichte verteilt über 24 Tage - jeden Tag ein kleines Stückchen Liebe : )


I think the meaning of the word patience transforms with the moment people start thinking about having children and once more when they are lucky enough to actually be parents. It seems like for us that we spent many years thinking when will be ready to be parents and when should we start trying to fall pregnant? Once you have reached that point you start waiting again for the exciting and anxious moment the little pee test shows the right symbol that you have wished for and once you have seen the doctor for the first time you have to wait another few weeks until you get to see your unborn child again on a little screen. Soon you start waiting for the first gentle movement, then the first scream, the first ever eye contact and warm cuddle and then you wait patiently for the moment the can lift their head for a few seconds, turn over without your help, hold a little toy with their own hands, start to crawl properly, say their first word and make little steps all by themselves. These are the moments when you feel proud and happy and thankful that you are able to see these little developments that you have been waiting for so patiently.

Then there are these other patient moments that not always so easy to take as a gift of parenthood: Waiting for the milk to come, waiting for the breastfeeding to become easier, waiting for the milk pump to finish pumping, waiting for the sweet little baby to fall asleep, waiting for the screaming to stop, hoping for the tooth to come through, waiting for a cold to pass, waiting for the potty training to pay off, waiting for the first week of being able to sleep through again, .... I am guessing that this list will probably never end just like the other one. It definitely is not easy to be patient and sometimes we are so close to giving up, but in the end it always seems worth it.

Die Übersetzung kommt noch!! 

Minna at about 6 weeks
one of my favorite photos of teeny tiny Minna

Our 2nd wedding anniversary back in the same hotel
checking out Mommy's glasses
Taking a splash in OUR lake
Minna about 5 months
Crawling through Australian grass at about 7 1/2 months
Leaning against her first snowman
This is probably our first family picture with Minna and Maxi

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