24 December 2011

Advent Calendar filled with LOVE - No 23

This is our love story spread over 24 days - a little bit of love each day : )

Das ist unsere Liebesgeschichte verteilt über 24 Tage - jeden Tag ein kleines Stückchen Liebe : ) 


From the day Finni was born Graeme took 3 months leave. We felt so lucky being able to take parenting time together. During those weeks I mainly looked after Finni and Graeme went on little daily adventures with Minna. Once I felt stronger again we all went out and about together. Graeme and Minna grew really close during that time. It was so much fun watching them build towers and read stories and cuddle up in front of the TV. By the end of the 3rd month we celebrated a very special Christmas holiday with Graeme's mom and brother. Even though they got stuck in London for 3 days on the way over (because of too much snow) and both of them lost their bags for the entire trip - we ended up having a wonderful time. The weather was like in a Christmas movie where it starts to snow on Christmas Eve. We had snow fights, made snow angels, drank mulled wine, had a barefoot race through the snow, walked over a frozen lake, pulled each other on the sled, drank more mulled wine and ate and ate delicious Christmas food.

In January 2011 Graeme had to go back to work and his Mom and brother back to Australia. I was home alone with Minna and Finn until the summer. It is save to say that it wasn't always easy for me. When one or both of them were sick I found it so hard to be there for them equally. I was so used to be there for Minna 100% and now I had to learn to split myself and still make sure that I looked after both of them. I was always so relieved when I heard the key in the door and I knew Graeme was home after a day of work to help me with the kids. Often it finally gave me a chance to go to the toilet, take a shower, bush my teeth and get out of my PJs...

In the summer we went back to Australia for 5 weeks so everyone could meet Finni. The kids loved the open space, the beautiful beach and obviously being with their Australian family. After the summer and with the start of the school year I went back to work and the kids started going to a sweet little day care center down the road from us. It wasn't easy for me leaving them with people I didn't really now. At first I felt bad for 'dropping them off', but it was so good for me to get out of the house after 2 1/2 years of being at home. I really enjoyed being able to talk to other grown-ups and I loved teaching art again.

Outing to the Berlin Zoo
December 2010

Christmas 2010

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